Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1st already!  Where has the year gone?  Still don't have a voice and it is getting very FRUSTRATING!!!  Brett asks me a question and then says I can't hear you!  He forgets I'm not supposed to talk :-)

I'm sharing my 2nd day in SLC with you.  They had so much packed in to each day our heads were ready to explode at the end of the day! Our driver met us at 8:45 and took us to the home office. We went on a tour of the facility, met the people who we talk to with our questions.  I think the most fun that day was being able to go on the floor and pick items to send out to customers :-)  We also were able to go into Shelli's office where we were given a personal note she had written each of us  congratulating us on our achievements.  They had a room set up for us where we were able to skype with Brian King who is a former Rising Star!  They even had a place for our drinks during the two days we were there.  Our lunch was set up so nicely down on the bottom floor.  We had different department heads that joined us so we could answer there questions and also it gave us a good chance to share our concerns with them.

The following pictures will show you some of what we did, who we met with, and where we went.
                                       Driving up to the home office.
                                      Boxes of product!
They are repairing the bubble wrap machine here.
                                      Some of the conveyor belts.

The next group of pictures are of the Legacy Room and some of the items you can find in there.

These are Daffadil Delight and Whisper White flowers.
They not only have one wall this color, but also one wall with Pink Pirouette and Blushing bride flowers.

The base of this lamp has all ABC rubber stamps.

I will continue this tomorrow with pictures and happenings.

Till then.

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  1. Hope you get your voice back soon! Thanks for sharing your trip. Hugs