Monday, November 2, 2015

Day 1 continued:

The next pictures show Shelli's office.

So here we are in Shelli's office.  Starting on the left moving to the right are  Candy, Steven, Debbie, Penny, Sherri, and Anna.  We are the lucky Rising Stars of 2015!

The next pictures show our table at lunch.
 Lovely fresh flowers, but had to be moved because of all of my allergies to the flowers  :-(
These were three dept. heads that joined us for lunch.

Sandwiches and salads.  Next are the desserts.
Finally when we are finished with lunch before the afternoon session we see bags for us to take and use in the afternoon.  All new product that we are all in love with!!  Wish I could share with you, but we all signed a confidentiality paper saying that we would not share before they are officially brought out!  Just know that you are going to love it :-)
Now we are ready to start the afternoon sessions.
Candy table for our breaks :-)
Our own cooler for drinks while we are there.

Around 3 we left to go and get massages or facials.  Just love all the pampering they gave us!  After that we went to restaurant in walking distance where we had a surprise visitor!
 She was a very obnoxious witch! I was really embarrassed by her loudness! We all got our pictures taken with her at the end individually and in a group.
 We had Shannon and Bonnie join us tonight for dinner.
When she left us, she then went and did the rounds in the restaurant to the other customers so they wouldn't feel left out!!

 This was the gift we received tonight at the restaurant.  It was a stamp and block for it to go on!

Haven't decided what kind of a card I'm going to make with it, but I will :-)

Got back to the hotel and found a Gluten free Chocolate Chip cookie waiting for me!

This is the end of our second day, but first official day at the home office!

Till next time,


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