Friday, October 30, 2015

WOW it is hard to believe that I have been to Stampin' Up home office and I'm back already!  They treated the 6 Rising Stars as royalty!! 

I sure was keeping prayers going that Hurricane Patricia wouldn't mess up my plans getting to SLC for the Rising Star Retreat!  Plane left at around noon and we gave ourselves 4 hours to get there. The roads were not anywhere as bad as they had been predicted, so I got there in plenty of time!

Plane ride was very bumpy leaving Houston!  Once we got up over the storm around the panhandle the turbulence wasn't that bad.  Then when we were flying into the Salt Lake City airport the turbulence was back. :-(

When I got to the baggage claim Terri, our driver we had those 4 days, was waiting with my name on a placard.  It was cool seeing it.
Picture taken when I got to my room at the hotel.  The next picture is what was waiting for me as I opened my door into my room.
This next picture was on the desk as I opened my room door. Beautiful floral arrangement and a copy of our itinerary.  Wow what a start to this fun 4 days :-).

We all went to dinner at Donna Griffith's house where we not only had dinner, but did a card swap with staff members, and a cute make-n-take card with new products! Can't share any of the new products that we saw or worked with, but you are going to love them!!

When we got to the hotel, we had the next picture waiting for us to use on our visit there.  It was a beautiful "Aggie" colored briefcase/purse!!  It really matches the Cherry Cobbler colored ribbon :-)

 Tomorrow, I will be doing day 2 of our visit.

Till then,