Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good Morning!

Boy Nov. is almost already half over! I have some new classes to announce and dates. I am going to be having a Card Buffet, which is $10.00 to attend and then for each card you make it is $1.50. Which means if you see a card and you want to make more than one of it you can, unlike in class where you make one card of each design. I will be including some of our past cards that we have made in classes but there will be new ones also. The Buffets will take place on:

Wed. Nov. 19th from 10:00 - 4:00
Sat. Nov. 22nd - 10:00 - to 4:00

You can come for the entire time or come for just awhile. Come during those times on those dates. Bring a lunch and come socialize. This is my first one, so I'm sure there will be some "bugs" that will have to be worked out. I have tried to accommodate a gathering for those gals who don't work and also for those gals who do and can only do a weekend
I have also added a 10 Tags/Mini cards class for:
Dec. 1st - Monday 11-2
Dec. 6th - Sat. - 10-1

More details later
Enjoy this cool weather

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